I am a sculptor who primarily uses ceramics and found materials for mixed media installations. Lately my work has shifted into social practice and community engaged works. Sculpture is the best medium to convey my concepts due to its physicality, the visual dynamism that produces, and by extension the various ways it can invite viewer participation. I’m inspired by the allegorical parallel between cellular functions of the nervous system and interpersonal systems between bodies. My work often appears figurative or biomorphic in form, with closer inspection revealing intricate details etched or painted on its surface, and at times possessing a component or process that invites viewer manipulation. The details are a direct reflection of anecdotal and cultural cues fed by viewer input that I solicit based on the topic in question. The forms are often unsettling, conjuring feelings of the grotesque or uncanny in an attempt to unpack human psychology. In my evolving practice, participant feedback before and after creating my series of works is increasingly vital to form a symbiosis. Through objects, performances and actions, I aim to leave viewers feeling unsettled and questioning why.