Year: 2022
Client: Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance at Queens College
Collaborator: Director Yin-Mei Critchell
Software: Photoshop and InDesign
Dancer Photography: Unknown/TBA
Mockup Photography: denba kante, cottonbro studio


As we begin to navigate post-covid life, many things that we took for granted to be stable or true, have been flipped. The things that used to ground us, are now up for debate. In the words of the producers, Agravity “takes a look at the things that keep us tethered to the ground, and the things that help us fly away”. 

In designing the poster for this annual dance faculty show, Natalia listened closely to the vision of the director Yin Mei, which emphasized a minimal yet dramatic play of light, where the individual would be secondary to the environment.