Year: 2022
Client: Geoff Pictor
Materials/Processes/Software: Photoshop and Illustrator
Mockup Photography: chelsey horne, markus spiske, drew williams
Background Photography: freestocksorg, davis sánchez, brett sayles



Working together again with actor Geoff Pictor, Natalia was tasked with maintaining the spirit of Geoff’s original logo (by the same designer), and adding to it in a way that narrowed down its specific purpose towards voice acting ventures. Not altering the original features in any way was important to the client, and helps to unify his branding. Another keystone request was integrating a microphone, which was achieved by adding the iconic grill texture to the head of the logo. Finally, the ring of the grill moves in synch with the gesture of the brows, to convey some of the flair of the individual himself, and the personality he brings to his work.